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Behind the team at


 At we share a common love for handball. All of our lives we have lived and breathed handball in one way or another –and now we’re ready to take handball to the next level.


On this page you can read about the people behind and learn about the strong foundation behind the brand.




Handball background

During his youth Christian was in the northern part of Aarhus with HEI Handball before joining Skanderborg Handball for his first three senior years. Following this, Christian signed with AJAX København in 2011 and since 2014 he has played for Team Sydhavsøerne in the Danish 1st division.

Christian played in Skanderborg Handball with Rasmus Kaagard and endured countless ferocious matches against Henrik Rosenkvist.


Since 2009 Christian moreover represented Denmark for several finals in beach handball – a sport in which he has an enormous interest.


Who is Christian?


Christian passes his daily life in Frederiksberg while studying to become a teacher at Zahle. He has a major interest in education and developmental projects, which he gets to live out by being a coach and instructor at the Danish Handball Association where he teaches courses and coordinated handball camps and the project ‘the handball caravan’. Besides from his love for handball Christian also loves a really good cup of coffee. Because of this, most of Christian’s business meetings are held at Great Coffee in Aarhus.

Handball background


Rasmus played in the youth league for HF Mors before joining the handball league for Mors Thy Handball for three seasons. In 2007 Rasmus was selected for the initial squad for the U20 national team. A new adventure began when Rasmus joined forces with Skanderborg Handball in 2010, where he was able to celebrate his 100th league match wearing the iconic green shirt. Rasmus remains signed with Skanderborg Handball to this day.


Who is Rasmus?


Besides from his passion for handball, Rasmus has a great passion for physiology. Throughout his many years of elite sports Rasmus has learned all about the many ways that one can exercise to achieve a higher level of physical performance. Rasmus is passionate about working with athletes who wish to improve their performance and excel at the sport that they live and breathe for. Rasmus’ educational background in Sports Science with a minor in physical training and medical biochemistry gives him the theoretical foundation to be a great physical trainer. As he already completed his bachelor’s degree Rasmus can proudly call himself stud as he is currently doing a master’s degree.


Handball background

Henrik has his handball roots in west Jutland where he played for HK 68, Team Vestjylland, Ikast and Lemvig Handball. Despite his young age Henrik has played countless 1st division and league matches as a senior for Lemvig-Thyborøn Handball. Now he can be found in the 2nd division for AGF Handball.


Besides receiving several titles during his younger years, Henrik has been a part of the Danish talent school, which has given him a thorough knowledge about handball that he uses in his work as a graphic designer at (


Who is Henrik?


Henrik is a down-to-earth, outgoing guy who loves handball and has a unique eye for visual and creative design. Henrik lives with Mette in Aarhus, and enjoys meeting Christian for coffee at Great Coffee. Besides from great cups of coffee Henrik enjoys long walks along the west coast beach.