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adidas Handball Spezial

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The traditional adidas Spezial for handball goalkeepers

The most popular handball shoe for goalkeepers is the model adidas Handball Spezial. With the adidas Handball Spezial, you get a handball shoe that is close to the floor, which gives a good feeling of having contact with the floor during the various movements and saves.

The latest adidas Handball Spezial has had the midsole replaced with Boost material, which means that the model is more elastic and does not feel as stiff as before.

An upgraded adidas Spezial for goalkeepers

If you want an adidas Spezial that adds more energy to your movements, adidas has now developed the model and produced the adidas Spezial Boost. With an adidas Spezial Boost, you get a more durable sole that also provides a better grip on the floor. The adidas Spezial Boost is for you who want a goalkeeper shoe with more shock absorption than in the traditional adidas Spezial.

Adidas Handball Spezial in traditional colors

As in the good old days, the adidas Spezial models are available in the traditional colors black and blue, there is also a white model in the new adidas Spezial Boost. We recommend that you visit the store to try the models and get a sense of what best suits your foot and at the same time you will have the opportunity to choose the color you want. Whichever adidas Spezial model you choose, you get a durable handball shoe with good contact to the floor.

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At Hshop, you have the opportunity to get your hands on the traditional adidas Handball Spezial goalkeeper shoes. We are always ready with a large selection of sizes of the different models and colors, so you can buy your new favorite adidas Handball Spezial at our store. We do our best to provide the best service to each customer and are always ready with the best advice to help you find the perfect handball shoe for you.