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The popular handball shoes from Adidas

We offer a number of different Adidas handball shoes for both men and women and the most popular models of Adidas handball shoes are Crazyflight, Stabil Next Gen and the brand new Adizero Fastcourt. The adidas handball shoes are used by big handball names such as Nikola Karabatic, Sander Sagosen and Nora Mørk. Whether you have a wide, medium or small foot, there will always be an Adidas handball shoe, which fits your foot.

Adidas handball shoes fits most people

Whether you are a goalkeeper or a court player, we have a wide selection of Adidas handball shoes that fits your needs on the handball court. The wide selection of Adidas handball shoes means that we can find a shoe no matter what you want from the shoe. We can find a shoe to ever style of player, if you are an explosive or slightly heavier player. In addition, we offer the models in several different colors such as the neutral ones in black and white, but also the more eye-catching colors, so you can easily get your new handball shoes in your favorite color.

Always the latest Adidas indoor shoes at Hshop

At Hshop, we always have the latest models and colors of Adidas indoor shoes available for you in the store and on the webshop. As previously mentioned, there are Adidas indoor shoes for every handball player and in fact the model Adidas Crazyflight is also available with an extra twist in the form of a Mid cut ankle height for you who want a feeling that the Adidas indoor shoe fits good around the foot. We are always ready to help and give good advice in the store, when you need to find your new Adidas handball shoes.

Fantastic shock absorption and breathable materials

You can have your new Adidas indoor shoes with the well-known Boost material, which gives you a fantastic shock absorption in the shoe, otherwise you can get the model Adizero Fastcourt with the new Lightstrike, which gives you a super light Adidas indoor shoe with fantastic shock absorption. In addition, there is the well-known Bounce material, which also provides good shock absorption, but does not feel as soft as the Adidas indoor shoes with Boost material. All Adidas handball shoes are made of breathable materials, so they can last a lot of hours on the court floor.