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Adidas shorts in sweat-absorbent materials

At Hshop you will find different models of Adidas shorts which all have a sweat-absorbing materials in the product, which ensures you good breathability in your Adidas shorts regardless of activity level and the weather. You will find our selection of Adidas shorts on the website, where we have both models for running and other types of sports and activities.

The adidas shorts are available in different lengths depending on whether they are for your running, sports or relaxation set. The products are available for both ladies and men and in the colors black, red and green.

Functionality in Adidas shorts

At you will find the traditional Adidas training shorts that are perfect for both training and relaxation at home. These models are made in a very simple design where there is an Adidas logo on one of the legs. With these Adidas shorts, you get a pair of shorts in comfortable lightweight materials that are comfortable to move around in. In addition, we have the Adidas shorts that are made with a 2in1 function, where tights are sewn into the shorts. These Adidas shorts are available for both women and men where those in the women's model have short tights and those in the men's model have long tights sewn into the shorts. This allows you to stay warm during exercise and at the same time provides a comfortable fit on the body.

Find them on the webshop

Click on our website and find your new Adidas shorts. Grab the Adidas shorts in either the classic black color or spruce up your training outfit with either a green or red model. It is a good idea to consider what your new shorts will do for you. If you want comfortable shorts in a light design, this is the classic model you should have, if you want extra warmth, the 2in1 models are a perfect solution for you.