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Ankle support

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Avoid ankle injuries with an ankle support or ankle bandages

If you tend to sprain or strain your ankle or have small defects with your ankle, then it is a good idea to get an ankle support. It is very important to feel safe in your movements on the handball court, so do not hesitate to do what it takes for you to be the best version of yourself on the court. An ankle bandages is good for you who want support and warmth around the ankle and is available in the brands Select, McDavid and Bauerfeind. If you are instead looking for an ankle support to prevent ankle injuries and feel more secure and avoid sprain and strain, then we have several different brands within ankle support and bandages.

Ankle supports and bandages that match your needs

As mentioned above, we offer ankle supports and ankle bandages within various brands such as Select, McDavid, Bauerfeind, Donjoy and Active. The ankle bandages should function as a form of compression and provide warmth around the ankle. The ankle support often has side support on the sides of the ankle to avoid sprain and strain on the ankle. Both the ankle support and the ankle bandages are available in several different brands and give you the perfect opportunity to find just what you are looking for.

Find support for your ankles at Hshop

The ankle supports are available in different designs. So, if you feel the best with a lace closure or a velcro closure on your ankle, it is possible to buy both from us. In addition, the ankle supports have a sock-like design that gives you good compression and comfort for your ankle. The different models are available in both white, black and blue versions so that they are as invisible as possible to your training outfit. So, go to our website or come into the store and try our selection, so you can find the ankle support that feels best on your foot and gives the security you want.