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Bauerfeind Achillotrain Pro Ankle Bandage
Bauerfeind Achillotrain Pro Ankle Bandage
The Achillotrain Pro bandage fra Bauerfeind prevents irritation of the achilles tendon through support and compression. The anatomically shaped visco-elastic pads with small studs massage the muscle tendon transitions while stimulating tissue healing.

Through the anatomically fitted and patented weaving the Achillotrain Pro bandage ensures ideal compression, prevents swelling and stimulates the healing process.

This bandage is especially recommended for individuals with longterm achilles tendonitis, individuals who have experienced greater injuries to the achilles tendon or have had surgery.

It is paramount to do a correct measuring to reach the full potential of the bandage's qualities. Take a look at the size guide beneath to get an illustration of how to measure in order to get the right bandage for you.

Size (measured at the narrowest point):
1 = 17-19 cm
2 = 19-21 cm
3 = 21-23 cm
4 = 23-25 cm
5 = 25-27 cm
6 = 27-29 cm
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