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Bauerfeind Genutrain S Pro Knee Bandage W/Splint
This bandage excels in its category by having an extremely good fit and a high level of breathability. The anatomically fitted brace can be thermoplasticly re-shaped and inserted into the channels of the sides. The joint braces can be locked into a 30, 60 or 90 degree flexion and 20 degree extension - a feature that is unique for this pro model.

The patented special form of weaving makes for an incredible compression bandage and together with the anatomic shape it minimises swelling and stimulates an increase in muscle activity. This results in more stability, less pain during exercise, increased local metabolism and reduced recovery time.

The anatomically shaped stabilising braces in the sides of the bandage together with the incorporated inelastic straps provide an extra level of sideways stability during practice and games. The positive impact and stimulation from the bandage's other qualities and structures keep the knee more actively supported.

The Genutrain S Pro knee bandage is especially recommended for individuals with light to moderat functional instability and for individuals with a lighter degree of irritation around the side ligaments, which is something you typically experience after rehabilitation.

It is paramount to do a correct measuring to reach the full potential of the bandage's qualities. Take a look at the size guide beneath to get an illustration of how to measure in order to get the right bandage for you.

Size 1 = Upper circumference: 28-31 cm. Lower circumference: 38-41 cm
Size 2 = Upper circumference: 31-34 cm. Lower circumference: 41-44 cm
Size 3 = Upper circumference: 34-37 cm. Lower circumference: 44-47 cm
Size 4 = Upper circumference: 37-40 cm. Lower circumference: 47-50 cm
Size 5 = Upper circumference: 40-43 cm. Lower circumference: 50-53 cm
Size 6 = Upper circumference: 43-46 cm. Lower circumference: 53-56 cm
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