Bauerfeind Lumbotrain 7 Back Bandage

sku 1038-110841040#titan

187 EUR

Color: Titan


The LumboTrain back bandage is a medical compression bandage that stimulates muscles and relieves localised areas of pain in the lower back.

LumboTrain is an active bandage as it takes effect during activity. It can very easily be fitted to the individual by help of the user-friendly velcro sealing in the front.

It works through compression from the patented special weaving that shapes itself anatomically to the lower back and the structure of the pelvis. The unique visco-elastic incorporated compression pad on the back provides pressurised stimulation and massage increasing the bloodflow, relieving pain and stimulating a heightened muscle control during activity.

The bandage excels by being extremely comfortable, very breathable and taking up minimal space underneath one’s clothes with its thin but strong fabric.

We recommend LumboTrain as an active back bandage for:

- Individuals with acute back pain
- Individuals with a slipped disc I ET KONSERVATIVT FORLØB??
- Individuals with a light degree of abrasion in the lower back, that causes pain in certain situation of strains to the back
- Individuals with an insufficient amount of stability and strengt across the lower back
- Individuals who have had back surgery, who wish to increase muscle activity while still lowering the amount of strain put onto the lower vertebras and the transition to the pelvis.

(LumboTrain also comes in a model specially designed for women - LumboTrain Women)
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