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Bauerfeind Manutrain Wrist Bandage
Bauerfeind Manutrain wrist bandage reduces pain and strains to the wrist. The anatomically fitted design along with Bauerfeind's unique weaving provide optimal compression around the wrist while making it very comfortable to wear.

The two incorporated visco-elastic compression pads reduce the pressure on nerves and vessles. It comes with an adjustable brace that can further stabilise the area around the wrist and thumb. The velco closure can be adjusted for your desired degree of stability during wrist movements and activity.

Alltogether, the Manutrain wrist bandage improves the conditions for tissue-healing, pain relief and nerve disorders through improved blood circulation. We recommend this wrist bandage to individuals experiencing osteoarthritis and tenovaginitis during activities that put strain on the wrist.

It is paramount to do a correct measuring to reach the full potential of the bandage's qualities. Take a look at the size guide beneath to get an illustration of how to measure in order to get the right bandage for you.
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