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Bauerfeind Omotrain Shoulder Bandage

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Color: Titan


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The Omotrain shoulder bandage from Bauerfeind gives an optimal compression and stability because of its unique and anatomically fitted and patented weaving and its individual adjustability made possible by the elastic straps.

Omotrain is a so-called active bandage as its qualities stimulate a painfree movement, thus making it possible to engage in activity that has a good training effect for the muscles. With help from the ideal compression effect in the bandage, its posture correction and its stimulation of an increased muscle activity, the shoulder stability during activity is increased while the sense of pain is reduced.

Compared to other products, the bandage is very comfortable to wear, and because of its breathability, it is excellent for sports activities and more intense psychical activity. It is easy to apply and remove, and is securely fixed around the neck and chest with a soft strap.

It is recommend for elite athletes and for the exercising individual with instability in and around the shoulder joint. It is paramount to do a correct measuring to reach the full potential of the bandage's qualities. Take a look at the size guide beneath to get an illustration of how to measure in order to get the right bandage for you.
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