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I’m new to the site - how do I place an order?

You’ll find the item(s) you like under the different categories on the top of the page. When you’ve decided on an item, choose the size and quantity and click “add to shopping cart”. You can choose to resume shopping and find more items you wish to add to the cart, or you can finish your order.

When you are ready, go to the shopping cart and check that everything is as it should be. Then move on to check out. Here you type in all of your contact information, approve your order and choose the payment method you wish to use. Your order is now complete! Check your e-mail for confirmation.


Is it safe to order online?

It is always safe to shop on our website. Your information will not be passed on to other parties and is only used to process your order. For more information see our Privacy Policy.


How long before I receive the item?

Typically, it will take 2-7 days depending on what time of the day you order your item(s). We try our best to pack and send all orders before 16.00, so if you order your item before that time there is a good chance your item will be send the same day. For more information see our Terms and Conditions of Sale.


What if an item is sold out?

If an item is sold out, we order it immediately. Should it against all expectations be out of stock at our suppliers, you will of course get the opportunity to cancel your order or find another item.


What payment methods do you accept? When will I be charged?

You can use Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro or American Express. Please be aware that if using a debit card, your bank will reserve the money on your account but we will not withdraw money from your account before dispatching the order.


Will I receive anything from Hshop.eu after ordering?

When you finish your order online, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. It is important that you check your confirmation e-mail properly for errors and as fast as possible contact Hshop.eu if you find anything amiss.


Has my order been shipped?

When your money has been charged, we will ship your order and you’ll receive a Track & Trace number from the chosen delivery service.


Can I track my order?

You should receive a Track & Trace number from your chosen delivery service. If you do not receive this number, please contact our customer support and we’ll help you get it.


Can I change my order?

If you need us to change your order, you have to contact our customer support at info@hshop.eu. If the item has been packed or shipped, it is not possible to change the ongoing order.


Can I cancel my order

You can cancel your order as long as it hasn't been packed or shipped. Please contact our customer support if you need your order cancelled.


Can I shop at Hshop.eu if I’m under 18?

You can't shop on our website if you are under 18, since you - according to Danish Law - have to be 18 to enter into an agreement.


How do I return an item?

You’ll find all the information you need about returns on the bottom of the page under “information” —> “returns”. If you use our return label, we are able to track your returned item so it doesn't get lost during shipment. Alongside the return label you’ll receive a complete guide on how to return an item.


When will I receive my refund?

When we have received your returned item(s), the amount will be credited onto your account within 10-14 days. Please be aware that we charge an administration fee of 5.5 €.


I received a defect/defective/wrong item. What do I do?

We are very sorry if you’ve received a defect, defective or wrong item. If this is the case, please send the item back in the original packaging. You need to fill out the enclosed return label and note why you want to return the item (defect/defective/wrong). When using the enclosed label, the return is free and we won’t charge you an administration fee.


Can I buy a gift card?

You can buy a gift card here. Please choose the amount.


How do I receive a gift card?

You’ll receive the gift card by e-mail. The e-mail will contain a code you need to write in the “coupon” box. Finish by pressing “Use coupon”.


How long is my gift card valid?

The gift card is valid for 2 years from the day of issue. You can read more about our gift card under Terms and Conditions of Sale.


What do I do if the gift card is declined?

If the gift card is declined, please contact our customer support and we’ll help you.


Can I use more than one gift card per order?

Unfortunately, you can’t use more than one gift card per order.


What will happen if I don't use the full amount on my gift card?

If you don't use the full amount on your gift card, the remaining amount will be lost.


What will happen if I return an item bought with a gift card?

If you return an item bought with a gift card, you will receive a voucher instead.


Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

You can't exchange your gift card for cash.


When will I receive a voucher?

You'll receive a voucher if you return sale items or items bought with discount.


Can I exchange my voucher for cash?

You can't exchange your voucher for cash.


How long is my voucher valid?

You voucher is valid 2 years from the day of issue.


How do I pay with a voucher?

You'll receive a code via e-mail.  Fill in the code in the "Voucher" box during check out and press "Use voucher".


What do I do if my voucher doesn't work?

If your voucher doesn't work, please check the date on the voucher. If the voucher is issued within the last two years, please contact our customer support.


What will happen if I don't use the full amount of my voucher?

If you don't use the full amount of a voucher, the remaining amount will be lost.


What will happend if I return an item bought with a voucher?

If you return an item bought with a voucher, you'll receive a new voucher.


Is there a Hshop.eu store somewhere?

Hshop.eu is a web shop, but we do have a showroom in Aarhus C, Denmark where you can try our shoes and clothes as in regular stores. We chose this solution to ensure that you always get the best prices on handball products.


How do I get the most out of my handball?

To ensure the best result of your handball, hshop has teamed up with a true ball expert (Michael Pedersen, Skanderborg Handball) and created a short guide on how to pump and prepare new balls.


What do I do if my handball loses air?

It happens that a handball loses air due to a dry valve. We therefore recommend that you drip a drop of valve oil on the valve and leave the ball for a day. Afterwards you can refill the ball with air and check if it holds the air in properly – this is how we normally do it ourselves.

If the ball still loses air it might be due to a manufacturing defect. If this is the case, please send the ball back as a defective item.


Will Hshop.eu sponsor my team?

If you're attending a beach or regular event, we would love to see if and how we can help to sponsor your team.