Halo 3.0 Headband - 6 mm

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30% lighter than Halo 2.0 - Protective headband with kevlar and accelleron padding to prevent concussion. An advanced multi-layered military-grade composite that reduces acceleration and absorbs and dissipates collision force.

The contoured design fits snugly against the head and is fully adjustable for a custom fit.

  • Provides 360 degrees. shock protection
  • Developed with performance-enhancing lightweight materials
  • Maximum breathability and comfort

Unequals® products reduce the impact acceleration that can help reduce the risk of injury. Harmful energy influences caused by a collision usually move uncontrollably through typical foam and plastic materials. The Unequals® product confuses this energy and absorbs and spreads much of it away from the body.

Kevlar: A patented lightweight fiber used by police and military, which is 5 times stronger than steel when woven into a sheet. Provides almost unmatched strength and flexibility.

Acceleron: An elastomer with amazingly durable cushioning qualities. Increases the shock absorption characteristics dramatically in the patented combination with kevlar.

Size: S / M - L / XL. head measurement.

S / M = 48-56cm; L / XL = over 56cm

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