Color: Black

Jumper band is an elastic band that puts pressure on the patella tendon and provides pain relief by, for example, jumper's knee.

Due to the elastic rubber material it can feel more comfortable to wear during sports than other bandages.

Jumper band is placed directly on the patella tendon below the knee. At the back it must be placed under the knee joint to ensure optimum power and freedom of movement.

We also recommend that you buy Jumperband Powder when buying Jumper band. This will make the application of the product easier and increase the durability of the Jumper band.

Dimensions: 5 cm wide, 1 mm thick.



XS – 26-28,9cm

S – 29-31,9cm

M – 32-34,9cm

L – 35-37,9cm

XL – 38-40,9cm

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