Mens Kempa Wing Lite 2.0 Handball Shoes

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- Ultra lightweight
- Michelin rubber outsole
- Breathable

This WING LITE 2.0 from German KEMPA is a pure handball shoe produced for speed, acceleration and lots of directional changes. The shoe is made in a few materials and therefore the weight on the shoe is kept to a minimum.

WING LITE 2.0 is an ultra streamlined shoe with a few seams and no superfluous elements. The upper is made of a thin and durable mesh material and designed as a sock system. Over the mesh material, the shoe is reinforced by a thin layer of transparent TPU but with plenty of breathable grooves included.

The heel cap is thin but solid and gives you stability and control of the foot.

The midsole is produced in KEMPA's lightweight POWER CORE (EVA foam). The amount of the EVA foam, again, is kept to a minimum

At the midfoot, the shoe is equipped with a torsion system that gives you stability and control of the foot. There is also a grid of small air holes that make the shoe breathable from the bottom.

KEMPA has collaborated with the tyre manufacturer Michelin and therefore the outsole is reinforced in rubber compound, among other things. by adding stronger carbon fragments to the gum mix. The anti-slip pattern on the outsole, HYPER GRIP, ensures that you stability on the floor at directional changes, acceleration and stops.

As the name of the model indicates, WING LITE 2.0, this shoe is particularly suitable for wing players who do not need a lot of shock absorption but a more light and ultra-streamlined shoe. This shoe is ,among others, used by the German top player Uwe Gensheimer and also by the Swedish national player Nathalie Hagman.

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