McDavid Elite Compression Socks

sku 1068-8834#black

67 EUR

Color: Black

36 - 38

McDavid Active Compression Socks are suitable for workouts and games where you need an increase in blood flow in order to perform even better. The sock has 18-21 mmHg compression around the ankle and 126-14,7 mmHg in the top of the socks which improves blood circulation.

The TARGETED Compression™ Technology provides the feet and calves with increased blood circulation caused by a graduated compression. This technology prevents fatigue and helps along a faster and better recovery.

hDc™ Moisture Management Technology ensures that your feet are kept dry and cool with its the quick-drying material.

Some areas underneath the foot are woven with extra thickness in order to increase shock-absorption as well as to ensure a better grip in the shoe. The weaving makes the socks very comfortable, it provides great support to especially the arch and the achilles tendon as well as it gives the toes maximum breathability.

46% Tactel®, 26% Polyamide, 19% Timbrelle® Care og 9% Lycra® (elastane)
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