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New hummel HYBRID Pro *Limited Edition*



We are proud to present our brand new and revolutionairy Handball, hummel HYBRID PRO. In collaboration with hummel we have created a totally new way to produce handballs, instead of the tradional amount of fields (32), we have cut it down to 26 in a unique combination that insures the perfect grip kombined with a new type of leather that we have glued together instead of making it Hand Sewn as normally see. The new hummel HYBRID PRO is groundbreaking in any way, as an example the Handball is very soft but keeps the size and increases the bounce at a low BAR preasure. (normally 0,5 bar and we recommend 0,25-0,3 bar with this new Handball)

The NEW HYBRID PRO is everything than ordinary, as a matter a fact the ball is numbered from 001 - 100 which means there is only 100 balls for sale in sizes 2 and 3. To be able to buy the ball, you have to sign up to our newsletter where we will send you an E-mail with a Unique Link to the product. It is a one-time-use link, so if you press the link and you decide to use it later, it will auotomatic terminate and be non-functional. You can sign up here and get notified when ball is released, we expect it to be around 12.00 o'clock on the 1'st of August 2017.

Price: 125€