Powerbands 34-68 kg

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40 EUR
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Color: Lilla


Powerbands have become an absolute necessity when it comes to strength, stability, explosive- and coordination training. It is a versatile and very functional tool that you can easily carry around with you and bring along for the many indoor practices.

Hshop.com sells quality powerbands from FunktionelFysik. They come in 5 different colours, each colour marking a different degree of resistance. You choose the colour of the band depending on how you wish to use it. You can read more under the individual products. Comes both individually and in sets of twos.

Traction: 34-68 kg (75 -150 lbs)

Is often used for:

- Heavy strength training for the upper body and legs
- Cardio workouts
- Heavy speed training
- Re- and progression of strengt training exercises
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