Select Ultimate v20 Handball

sku 20-200022#980

80 EUR

Color: rød/orange/hvid


Selects new top handball from the Ultimate series is a superb match ball made of extremely durable synthetic leather material.

The patented bladder is made of high performance natural latex. The Zero-Wing concept means that the ball and the bladder are completely round. SELECT uses only latex blades with built-in balance point located opposite to the valve hole in the ball. This, combined with the Zero Wing concept, provides a perfectly balanced ball with a particularly lively jump.

To stabilize the ball and ensure it remains round, the 32 panels are lined with several layers of textile.

The most important factor in the softness of the ball is a layer of neoprene foam placed between the liner and the synthetic leather. The foam retains its softness and elasticity match after match. ULTIMATE is the only model produced with the specially developed Shark Skin Foam.

The synthetic leather in SELECT's handballs consists of an outer layer of PU with a good grip and non woven polyester fibers. In addition, threads of special fiber are intersected to ensure the strength and stability of the material. It gives a ball with a perfect grip, optimal balance and extreme durability.

The rubber material in the valve is known to be airtight and, together with the Double Lock system, where the air must pass through two "ports" to release, a particularly air tight ball is obtained.

ULTIMATE is sewn in hand. The 32 panels are sewn together with 630 double stitching and 60 corner stittching and closed (unique to SELECT) with a double knot. It gives a more durable ball.

* are not responsible for any discolourations or claims as a consequence of using a cleaning machine or similar.
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