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Drinking bottles for women

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Always carry a bottle on the go

Whether you are on your way to work, sitting in a meeting or training, it is always good to stay hydrated for the body to function optimally. With a drinking bottle at hand, you can quickly quench your thirst and stabilize the fluid balance in your body. Remember that your body needs water and it is recommended to drink 1 1/2 - 2 liters a day and even more when you play sports, and with a bottle at hand, you are quickly reminded to remember your daily dose of fluids.

Several different designs of drinking bottles

The drinking bottles come in many different shapes and colors, so they fit your bag. Among other things, we offer many different varieties of drinking bottles from mainly Nike, but also Puma, In2zym and our very own Hshop drinking bottle. You can buy a drinking bottle in the size from 470ml and up to 1 liter. With a drinking bottle from Nike, you can choose different variants of grip zones, lids and drinking spouts, so it matches your wishes.

Quality over quantity

There is nothing better than buying a product of good quality, which you can use for many years to come. No matter which drinking bottle you choose, you get a good quality product, with an anti-leak drinking spout and a design that suits your every needs. Many of the drinking bottles also have the above-mentioned grip zones, which are perfect for you, who are on the go in everyday life.

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At Hshop, we have a large selection of drinking bottles and we are sure that you can find one that suits your taste. All our products that are in stock online, you receive within just 4-6 working days, so hurry up and read about our wide selection of drinking bottles. Go to our website and find your new drinking bottle, so you can stay hydrated and clear in your head all day long.