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Protect your elbow with an elbow pad

With an elbow protector, you can protect yourself from damage and strain on your elbow. It is important to find an elbow pad that fits your needs. There is a big difference between which elbow protector you should use since it will help you from blows, overstretching or just give you warmth around the elbow. You should consider how thick the protective pad on the elbow protector should be and how much support it should provide in the event of, for example, hyper extension.

Wide selection of elbow pads

We offer a several number of different elbow protectors from different brands such as Select, Hummel, Deroyal and McDavid. When the elbow has a hyper extension, then you need an elbow protector, which provides extra support to prevent it from happening again. If you need an elbow support to help against shocks and blows to the elbow, you should have a regular elbow support with a soft padding around the elbow area.

If, on the other hand, you only want compression and warmth around the elbow and on the arm, there is a compression sleeve you should have. The compression sleeves come with and without a pillow on the elbow depending on whether you need mild elbow support on the elbow. The elbow supports are of course available in several different colors, so they can match your outfit.

The importance of protecting the elbow

Handball is a sport with a lot of physical and hard contact, which is often caused by strong blows and strain on the elbows. Elbow supports protect the body from being damaged and help you avoid serious and long-lasting injuries. So if you play in a way that makes you often land unlucky on the elbows, so do yourself a favor and buy an elbow protector, so you at least reduce the pain with a possible blow or hyper extension. We are available in the store and ready to find the elbow protector that suits you best.

Try them at Hshop

It can be difficult to find the elbow protector that fits your arm the best, so we are ready in the store, so you can try it out and we will find what fits most comfortably around your elbows. Depending on which brand and model you intend to buy, the fit varies, which is why we recommend that you visit us in the store and can try the different models of elbow supports on your arm. Remember you can always read about our selection of elbow supports on our website and otherwise advise you in the best possible way when you visit Hshop in Funder.