Womens Asics Gel-Blade 7 Handballshoes

sku 8-1072A032#100

120 EUR
80 EUR




- Lightweight shoe

- Super good grip on the floor

- Seamless upper

ASICS Gel Blade 6 continues with the same look as last season. With the same look as last season, Asics chooses to continue with the "seamless" top. With the seamless top, you get a more streamlined shoe that sits closer to the foot and thereby minimizes the loss of energy by directional changes and explosive movements.

With Gel-Blade, you get a shoe that contains both speed, stability and a good grip on the floor. The low weight combined with the good fit of the shoe and the shock-absorbing Gel sole is a winning combination that will especially benefit light and strong feint players.

ASICS is known for its Gel Shock Absorption and this is also the case in Gel-Blade. There is a continuous Gel material in the sole which provides optimal shock absorption during landings and offsets.

To minimize the risk of twisting the foot, the Trustic system is inserted between the heel and the forefoot. Trustic ensures that the shoe is flexible between the heel and the forefoot, so that the foot is automatically guided towards the center of the sole after a set-up or quick change of direction.

As Asics Gel-Blade is referred as a lightweight shoe, with a flat but shock-absorbing sole, it can rightly be used by goalkeepers who want a shoe with more shock absorption than what traditional goalie shoes contain.

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