Womens Asics Gel-Tactic Handball Shoes

sku 8-1072A035#501

114 EUR
67 EUR




- Super comfortable

- Lightweight and flexible

- Streamlined and breathable upper

Asics Gel-Tactic is simply an amazing streamlined shoe with a super slip-resistant outsole, soft shock absorption and lightweight and breathable upper. The upper of this Gel-Tactic is produced in a soft and comfortable mesh that gives you good comfort around the feet. The soft upper is reinforced with a thin but durable PU material that keeps your foot in place in all directions, jumps and accelerations.

As always in Asics' models, the heel cap is tough and gives you full control over your movements. The midsole is made of a soft EVA material that gives you a great shock absorption. In both heel and forefoot, there are also gel pads where your foot needs extra good shock absorption at landings. The outsole is made of NC rubber which is a mix of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The non-slip pattern ensures that you are firmly stuck on the floor. The outsole is designed with an outrigger on the outside of the shoe that prevents ankle twisting.

This shoe is an all-time all-round shoe that does not have a lot of superfluous components and fancy technologies. The shoe is built very simply and sits really well on the foot. We recommend this shoe to players with a medium wide foot. The model can be used by both wing players, back players and pivots.

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